Welcome to the portfolio of a website building, blogging, storytelling, picture-taking, dark chocolate-eating, live-music-obsessed, coffee-drinking, question-asking, word-lover.

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What I Do

As the “creative for hire,” it is my job to help you dig into the storytelling side of your business. This starts over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and a simple conversation about: Who you are? What is your story? What do you do best? How do you want to be seen? What are your goals and how can I help you to accomplish them?

From there, we’ll work together to distill down the most effective marketing tools for us to focus on and how we can combine my knowledge with your unique voice to derive the greatest impact.

Ready to get started? Contact me! Let’s chat.

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Website Building

Need a website? I got you covered! Specializing in WordPress, I can help build a gorgeous website or blog that will wow your clients.


Have stories to share but don’t know where to start? I can help you build and maintain a beautiful blog so you can start sharing your stories of impact now. Need help creating content? I can do that too.


I will work with you to solidify your brand and create a perfect logo that will fully encapsulate your business and your goals.

Content Creation

I design beautiful and impactful mailers, flyers, emails, one-pagers, and other marketing materials that will drive business and get you noticed.


Know what you want to say but can’t quite get the words out? Emails, letters, appeals, articles, blog posts, newsletters; what ever it is you need copy for, I can help.


Ready for professional headshots to up your game? Have a company event coming up that needs gorgeous photography for future marketing? Or maybe you just need updated website photos that will help take your brand to the next level? Let me know what your photography needs are, and I’ll take care of the rest.

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I care deeply about the satisfaction of my clients and will do everything in my power to make sure that their needs are not only met, but exceeded.

Here’s what some of my past clients have had to say about my work.

Jess was great to work with in helping me create a brand for my business. She listened to my ideas, helped guide me through the creative process when I couldn’t come up with answers of my own and I ended up with a great product.

Jena Morgan – J.K. Morgan Designs

It has been such a privilege to work with Jess Larson and witness her talents. Jess approaches every new project with a positive attitude and incredible thoughtfulness. From photography to design to writing, Jess always brings a critical eye to her work, which results in beautiful, quality pieces. She is a team player who is able to give constructive feedback as well as take it. It’s been a joy to work with Jess and not only learn from and observe her skills, but also enjoy her infectious laugh and stellar attitude.


Sarah Gillund – Youth Frontiers

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Location & Contact



Living, working and exploring the US in our Winnebago Sightseer.



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